What we do ?



Emd3000 supports productions, agencies and brands to connect with consumers and solve business and marketing problems by telling compelling stories and building engaging worlds.


How we do it ?



We are using whatever techniques and media are appropriate. Skilled in animation, design, illustration, 3D, 2D, interactiondesign and live action production — and seamlessly combining some or all of these — emd3000 takes a unique, tailored approach to each and every project.

Why we do it ?



In a world where computer processing power is doubling every 18 months, human perception is changing accordingly. Classic design processes need to be adapted and reinvented constantly in order to suit demanding audiences. While this is often a bumpy road to go down it proved successful. To put it differently: We simply love the challenge !


Working with us ?



Finding the perfect image is sometimes not easy. Our core commitment is providing you with a product you are happy with but also is bulletproof. We will be by your side until we successfully reached the last goal of the project.